TVM Fowler

Our Fowler is just that, an early American Fowler. It is not a copy of any particular gun, but is a dandy for upland hunting. It meets all the requirements for Trade Gun matches at rendezvous. It is built in 20 gauge only, with our special straight barrel. The TVM flintlock Fowler comes ready for shooting with patched round ball or birdshot. This is a very popular and dependable gun. It fits the periods from the French and Indian War to the end of the Fur Trade Era. The standard gun comes with a large Siler flintlock, single trigger, brass or steel furniture, barrel lengths of 36" to 42", and plain maple stock with upgrades of wood available.

$1100.00  Steel
$1200.00 Brass
Left hand
Steel furniture
and Entry thimble
In-the-white: Less $100.00
with 2 lock bolts
Click on Photos to Enlarge
Your length of pull

Fowler Kit: $700.00  Steel     $730.00  Brass


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