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ALLEN, Rufus Lafayette

Rufus Lafayette Allen, 1862-1931, was born in Alcorn County to Andrew Allen, 1816-1891, and Mary H. Smith Allen, 1821- 1887. His parents migrated to the Wheeler Grove Community from Rockingham County, North Carolina. Rufus grew up on the farm with his parents and older sister, Sallie.
In 1884, Rufus married Sarah Bobo "Sallie" Whitlow, 1864-1941. Sallie was the daughter of James M. "Mose" Whitlow, 1832-1882, and Lucy J. Burns Whitlow, 1837-1870, who came to Alcorn County from South Carolina. Sallie was a sixth generation descendant of Gabriel Bobo, born in Flourney, France about 1670. He came to the United States and settled in Virginia.
Rufus was a prosperous farmer and herdsman with large herds of both sheep and cattle. Rufus and Sallie made their home in a rustic, two-story frame house. They spent most of their time in the large kitchen where Sallie cooked over the big fireplace and did her baking in a woodburning stove. Her nieces say that she baked the best biscuits and fried the best country ham. Their bachelor son, Andy, had an especially nice bedroom with beautiful furnishings. The homestead had barns, stables and a carriage house.
Rufus and Sallie were the parents of seven children:
1. Wallace J. Allen, 1886-1953, married Lena Lawson, 1894-1979;
2. Andrew L. "Andy" Allen, 1887-1958, never married;
3. Thomas Newton "Tom" Allen, 1889-1958, married in 1907, Jennie Cobb, 1887-1966;
4. Jennie Mae "Mary" Allen, 1891-1964, married in 1908, Wilson McKinney Morton Jr., 1884-1968;
5. Frederick "Fred" Allen, 1893-1966, married Sudie L. Burns, 1898-1974;
6. Willie Frank "Will" Allen, 1895-1947, married in 1915. Willie Florence Latch, 1899-1952; and
7. Harry Bruce "Short" Allen, 1898-1964, married in 1917, Ophelia C. Green, 1900-1989.
Rufus and Sallie, their children and spouses are all buried in Wheeler Cemetery. Many of their descendants still make their homes in the Wheeler Grove Community.
[Source: Families of Alcorn County-Volume II, submitted by Archie Wilson] transcribed by Pat Lancaster 6/3/2023.

Frederick "Fred" Allen was born in 1893, in the Wheeler Grove Community to Rufus Lafayette Allen and Sarah Bobo "Sallie" Whitlow Allen. He grew up on the family farm helping with the crops and livestock. He was never as strong as his brothers.
Fred was blessed to have Sudie L. Burns become his wife. Sudie was born in 1898, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dock Burns. They made their home in a small frame house beside Wheeler Grove Road, and Sudie devoted her life to caring for Fred. They never had children of their own, but Sudie spent many hours with her sister-in-law, Florence Allen, helping her care for her large family. It was said of Fred that he knew more about bringing up children than anyone else because he was always ready to give advice to his brothers on how to discipline their children. On one occasion, he was given a swift kick by his brother, Will, after he offered his opinion one time too many.
Sudie was always delighted to get to keep her nieces and nephews and their children later on. She was an excellent cook, said to make the best egg pies around. She always used six "bantie" eggs to make her pies. The younger children were afraid of Fred, but he was successful in breaking the youngsters from biting one another. He would bite them with his yellowing teeth, and they did not need a repeat treatment. Fred never learned to drive a car and depended on family and friends for transportation. He owned a pair of mules named Pat and Callie. Fred and the team did a bit of farming with his nephews' help. As Fred grew older, he became disabled, and was bedfast much of the time. He became a cantankerous old man, demanding a lot of attention from Sudie. She was always there to fulfill his needs. His nephews kept his wood cut in winter, and some of the family stopped by every day or so to see what Sudie needed.
Fred died in 1966, and Sudie lived a few years longer. She moved away from their little home and died in 1974. They are buried together in Wheeler Cemetery.
[Source: Families of Alcorn County-Volume II, submitted by Bobby Joe Allen] transcribed by Pat Lancaster 6/3/2023.

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