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Earliest Rienzi Settlers Are Buried At Old Camp Ground Cemetery

     The earliest site of Rienzi was south of the present town and in what is now Prentiss County. That helps explain why a number of the first settlers in the are are buried in the old Camp Ground Cemetery.
     To be more specific: present day Rienzi is in section two, range seven, township four. The original town site was in section eleven, range seven, township four. Old Campground Cemetery is perhaps a mile and a half south of Rienzi and between old highway 45 and the present highway 45.
     Here are some of the settlers who are buried at Camp Ground cemetery according to Edwin Perry, who now lives in Vicksburg: "Reuben Boone, Reuben Ellis, Charles W. Williams, the Rowseys, the Whitesides, to mention a few."
     Mr. Perry had heard that Camp Ground was first used as a burial place when the "the Spanish came through this county." It was also used as a camp site for persons carrying produce to points on the Tombigbee or the Tennessee Rivers. There was a good spring under the hill.
     Reuben Boone is credited with having been the first white settler in what is now Alcorn County. He came in 1834, two years before old Tishomingo County was formed. Mr. Boone has a number of descendants in Corinth, including members of the Worsham family.
     Reuben H. Boone was born in South Carolina in 1791. His great-grandfather had emigrated from England to Maryland.
After becoming a lawyer young Reuben moved to Lincoln County, Tennessee where he took part in various Indian wars of the period. In 1817 he married Miss Fineta Reese, a native of Bedford County, Virginia.
     While in Lincoln County, Tennessee, Reuben Boone engaged for 17 years in merchandizing and farming and accumulated quite a lot of property. The Boones had seven children born in Lincoln County.
     A grandson of Reuben Boone was the Hon. Jordan M. Boone of the Corinth law firm of Boone and Curlee Jordan. Boone built mansard cottage on the northeast corner of Fillmore and Linden Streets. Through the years additions have been made on three sides of the structure. It is presently the location of "Hammond House." Jordan Boone's daughter, Helen, married the Hon. B.F. Worsham. They were the parents of Frank, Leroy, and Clifford Worhsam.
["Daily Corinthian" (Corinth, Miss.), 16 Jul 1980.] Transcribed by Pat Lancaster.

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