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Perkins Funeral Records 1957 - 1960

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These records were transcribed by Janice and Helah with special thanks to Bill and Judy McPeters.
Records were transcribed from Perkins Funeral Records book at the ACGS, used with permission, and added to website by Pat Lancaster.

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NOTE: Personal Social Security Numbers and Military Service Numbers have been removed. Complete additional information can be found on the original records in our library.

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Allen, John Skellman No birth date listed
Res. Kossuth, MS.
Father-Tom Allen
Mother-Corelian Skellman
Presbyterian Shiloh Cem.
Page 39

Anderson, Mary Estelle
05-20-1944-Alcorn Co., Miss
02-02-1958- Memphis, Tenn
Father-James D. Anderson
Mother-Ward Hinton
Services at; Salem Church
Page 52

Armstrong, James Melton
01-01-1958-Booneville, Miss
Residence; Miss
Order by; G.W. Armstrong
Father-Rube Armstrong
Mother-Mat Kay
Union Cemetery Chalybeate, Miss
Page 43

Arnett, Clara Lucille
07-13-1908-Alcorn Co., Miss
11-17-1958-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Mrs. R.J. Williams &
O.C. Williams -Hammond, Ind.
Father-Morton Arnett
Mother-Laura Crabb
Salem Cemetery
Page 112

Ashcraft, Henry Melton
03-19-1894-Prentiss Co., Miss
01-27-1960-Corinth, Miss
Father-Efurm Ashcraft
Shady Grove Church Cemetery
Page 220

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Baily, Dorothy Oletha
11-19-1924-Alcorn Co., Miss
09-14-1957-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Frank Baily
Father-Robert Le Lancaster
Mother-Maggie Voyles
Union Cemetery
Page 24

Bailey, G.M. (Mrs.)
01-03-1957-Corinth, Miss
Order by; G.M. Baily
Father-Calvin P. Cisco
Mother-Clara Thorn
Henry Cemetery
Page 45

Balcombe, George L.
Died; 05-02-1960-Tuscloosa, Ala
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 247

Barger, Effie
1888-Age 69-Tippah Co., Miss
10-16-1957-Tippah Co., Miss
Order by; G.L. Sexton
Father-Berry Wilbanks
Mt .Zion Cemetery
Page 30

Barker, William Otis
10-30-1959-Corinth, Miss
Fannie Storwell, Emma and Mrs. Ruth (unknown)
Father-Lum Barker
Mother-Ann Jobe
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 199

Barnes, Clemmie
01-19-1894-Tippah Co., Miss
03-09-1959-Tippah Co., Miss
Charge to; Mrs. Willie Mae Newby
Father-Martin Wilbanks
Mother-Martha Lakey
Providence Cemetery
Page 139

Barnes, Gladys Darline
10-30-1960-Walnut, Miss
Father-R.C. Barnes
Mother-Gladys Thompson
Union Cemetery
Page 272

Barnes, Infant
01-01-1558-Kossuth, Miss
Father-Guy T. Barnes
Mother-Hazel Willis
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 44

Barnes, Lonnie V.
66 years of age- Miss
10-21-1958-Corinth, Miss
Father-Bill Barnes
Services at; Tishomingo Shiloh Church
Page 108

Barnette, Melvin E.
04-13-1903-Prentiss Co., Miss
04-21-1959-Kossuth, Miss
Heart Attack
Father-A.J.E. Barnette
Mother-Ive Michaels
Shiloh Presbyterian Cemetery
Page 154

Barnette, Thomas Ward
05-13-1894-Tishomingo Co., Miss
12-12-1958-Tishomingo Co., Miss
Charge to; Mr. Aubrey Barnette
Order by; Mrs. Hester Barnette
Father-David Barnette
Mother-Ann Deaton
South Crossroads Cemetery
Page 114

Bates, Nancy Ilene
11-10-1959-Alcorn Co., Miss
02-22-1960-Memphis, Tenn
Residence; Walnut, Miss
Father-Hubert Bates
Mother- Unknown
New Salem Cemetery
Page 228

Benjamin, Helen Louise
08-17-1929-Prentiss Co., Miss
12-23-1959-Booneville, Miss
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Heart Failure
Father-Ozy Ellis
Mother-Sadie Barnes
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 211

Blackard, Veron
03-08-1914-Tishomingo Co., Miss
02-23-1959-Memphis, Tenn
Residence; Iuka, Miss
Order by; Mrs. Ruby Blackard
Father-Carol Blackard
Mother-Sarah Gray
Iuka Cemetery
Page 135

Bobo, Johnny D.
08-29-1960-Corinth, Miss
09-24-1960-Corinth, Miss
Residence; Walnut, Miss
Father-John W. Bobo
Mother-Frances Brown
Bethlehem Cemetery
Page 266

Bowers, William W.
02-10-1876-McNairy Co., Tenn
05-7-1960-Corinth, Miss
Paid By-Carl Bowers
Father-John Bowers
Mother-Liza Titvel (Tidwell ?)
Henry Cemetery
Page 248

Bowman, Frank
Residence; Elgin, Ill
Date of Funeral-06-13-1958
Father-Edward Bowman
Page 84

Bragg, Fredia Jane
12-22-1957-Alcorn Co., Miss
08-10-1959-Memphis, Tenn
Residence; Glen, Miss
Car Accident
Father-William J. Bragg
Mother-Laurene Phillips
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 174

Brandon, Infant Girl
05-06-1959-Corinth, Miss
Father-Noland B. Brandon
Mother-Nellie Hester
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 160

Brock, Ethel Leona
09-7-1904-Alcorn Co., Miss
06-17-1958-Walnut, Miss
Order by; Elick Brock
Father-F.S. Smith
Mother-Ophelia Lambert
Order by; Lester Brock, Opal, Mary Jewell,
Naythell(Nathaniel) & Mary J. Hensley
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 81

Brooks, Oscar
12-17-1874-Prentiss Co., Ms
11-09-1957-Rienzi, Ms
Heart Attack
Charge to- Mrs. Brooks
Father-Nathan Brooks
Mother-Rachel Jeno
Corinth Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 34

Brown, Rosa
05-24-1898-Alcorn Co., Miss
04-10-1959-Corinth, Miss
Husband-Mosshell Brown
Father-Arthur Roy
Mother-Frances Dowd
Brigman Hill Cemetery
Page 151

Brown, Willie Reid
10-31-1924-Alcorn Co., Miss
12-12-1958-Willcox, Arizona
Order by; Ray R. Brown
Charge to; Walter Brown
Father-Walter Brown
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 117

Brumley, Jerry Wayne
06-11-1957-Corinth, Miss
06-12-1957-Corinth, Miss
Residence; Ramer, Tenn
Father-Billy Brumley
Mother-Patricia Barnette
Faulkner Cemetery
Page 08

Brumley, W.A. Sr.
08-2-1887-Prentiss Co., Miss
10-18-1958-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Brook Brumley
Father-George H. Brumley
Mother-Liza Brumley
Henry Cemetery
Page 106

Burcham, Wanda Jean
07-29-1958-Corinth, Miss
07-30-1958-Corinth, Miss
Father-Leslie Harold Burcham
Vanderford Cemetery
Page 89

Burrow, Dora
07-13-1888-Benton Co., Miss
12-23-1958-Walnut, Miss
Order by; Bessie Fiveash
Father-Tom Fiveash
Mother- Lennie Crum
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 123

Burrow, Elick
09-20-1959-Corinth, Miss
Residence; Walnut, Miss
Father-Banks Burrow
Mother-Dora Wilbanks
Old Bethel Cemetery
Near Tuscumbia, Ala
Page 184

Burrow, James Eli
08-26-1895-Alcorn Co., Miss
03-12-1959-Corinth, Miss
Charge to- Mrs. Dotsie Burrow
Father-Hire Burrow
Mother-Frances Roten
Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 141

Burrow, Thomas Franklin
03-06-1889-Corinth, Miss
09-03-1957-Corinth, Miss
Residence; Walnut, Miss
Order by; Dora Burrow
Father-Banks Burrow
Mother-Madora Wilbanks
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 21

Byram, Josephine
05-12-1873-Tishomingo Co., Miss
07-29-1958-Tishomingo Co., Miss
Order by; C.W. Byram-Sheffield, Ala
Spring Hill Cemetery
Page 88

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Cadle, Nick WW II
5-10-1918-Alcorn Co., Miss
10-14-1957-Benton Co., Ms
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Car Wreck
Wife-Masie Cadle
Father-Richard Cadle
Mother-Alice Burcham
Holly Cemetery
Page 29

Caldwell, Flavis
Died; 07-20-1957-Corinth, Miss
Order by; J.T. Caldwell
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 16

Cartwright, Mattie
83 years of age
10-16-1960-Booneville, Miss
Charge to-Dutch Coleman
Father-Woodrow Eaton
Mother-Martha Pannell
Services at; Fairview
Page 274

Caviness, Infant
Died; 03-20-1958 11:30 a.m. Corinth, Miss
Order by; Mr. and Mrs. R.H. Dotson
Father-Gerald Caviness
Mother-Ms Dotson
Antioch Cemetery
Page 62

Chambers, John Robert "Dave"
10-16-1871-Tippah Co., Ms
04-27-1959-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Lizzie Chambers
Father-Obe Chambers
Mother-Elizabeth Childs
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 155

Childers, Henry
58 years of age; Alcorn Co., Miss
10-05-1959-Ocelola, Ark
Heart Attack
Charge To-Clyde Cooksey &
Jack Childers
Father-Warren W. Childers
Mother-Jule (Unknown)
Services at; Pisgah
Page 188

Christian, Ellison Monroe
05-16-1958-Corinth, Miss
Son-Ellison M. Christian, Jr
Father-L.D. Christian
Mother-Mary Ann Barnhill
Caroline Cemetery
Booneville, Miss
Page 74

Christian, Ellison Monroe, Jr.
12-22-1905-Prentiss Co., Miss
06-26-1958-Corinth, Miss
Wife-Flora Christian
Father- E.M. Christian, Sr.
Mother-Mary Brown
Caroline Cemetery
Booneville, Miss
Page 82

Claunch, Willie Leota
10-12-1880-Tishomingo Co., Miss
05-02-1960-Decatur, Ala
Residence; Iuka, Miss
Father-O.L. Howard
Mother-Emlie Cook
Name mentioned; Troy (unknown)
Mrs. Dobbs, C.W. Claunch, Guy T. Claunch
New Lebanon Cemetery
Page 245

Clemmy, Jessie C., Jr
10-15-1959-Corinth, Miss
Father-Jessie C. Clemmy
Mother-Louise Lassiter
Shiloh Baptist Cemetery
Page 192

Coleman, Henry Mack
Born-1878-Alcorn Co., Miss
05-28-1958-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Mrs. Coleman &
Mrs. T.A .Inman
Father-Pink Coleman
Mother-Fannie Smith
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 76

Cornelius, Georgia
10-29-1887-Ben Franklin, Texas
06-08-1958-Corinth, Miss
Order by; William D. Cornelius-Memphis, Tenn
Name mentioned; Mrs. Ray Schooye-Batesville, Ark.
Father-John Henry Shook
Mother-Belle Moody
Fraley’s Chapel Cemetery
Page 77

Covey, George Brown
08-06-1958-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Mrs. Elizabeth Wallace
Father-Charley Covey
Mother-Ida Tacker
Burial in Rayburn, Hardin Co., Tenn
Page 93

Cowart, Lula Pearl
61 years of age
11-05-1959- Memphis, Tenn
Ben Gordon to Pay for Penny Grass
Holly Cemetery
Page 203

Crabb, Dorothy Odle
Born In Mississippi
Residence; Pocahontas, Tenn
08-07-1960-Cicero, Ill
Burned to Death
Father-J.V. Odle
Name mentioned; Victor H. Goulding- Chicago, Ill.
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 257

Creason, Dee
03-3-1893- Grover Co., KY
02-14-1958-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Mrs. Dee Creason
Father-J.W.C reason
Mother-Della Hick
Corinth Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 55

Crum, George, Jr.
06-17-1934-Alcorn Co., Miss
04-18-1958- Memphis, Tenn
Residence; Walnut, Miss
Shot In Chest
Father-George B. Crum
Mother-Pauline Bass
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 68

Crum, Luther Melvin
08-18-1882-Alcorn Co., Miss
10-23-1957-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Mrs. Herman Moore
Father-Jess Crum
Mother-Emma Mason
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 32

Crum, Oscar Raymond
03-28-1941-Alcorn Co., Miss
11-13-1960-Jackson, Tenn
Auto Wreck
Father-Lester Crum
Mother-Inez Miles
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 276

Crum, Mary Etta
06-25-1881-Tippah Co., Miss
07-28-1958-Walnut, Miss
Order by; Tom Crum
Father-J.M. Robinson
Mother-Lora Rogers
Tippah County Shiloh Cemetery
Page 87

Crum, William Hardy
Age 58-Alcorn Co., Miss
05-05-1959-Walnut, Miss
Heart Attack
Father-Robert Crum
Mother-Lissie Parrish
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 157

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Davis, Jessie Lane
09-15-1957-Alcorn Co., Miss
09-20-1957-Tupelo, Miss
Residence; Burnsville, Miss
Father-J.B. Davis
Mother-Lucille Lancaster
Salem Cemetery
Page 26

Davis, Willie G.
09-12-1895-Prentiss Co., Miss
08-14-1959-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Wife
Father-Andrew Davis
Mother-Elizabeth Lauderdale
Gaston Cemetery
Prentiss Co., Miss
Page 175

Dees, Raymond Flectin
10-22-1959- Pocahontas, Tenn
Father-Jim Dees
Mother-Lucinda Wingo
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 195

Deloach, C.A.
04-06-1879- Alcorn Co., Miss
08-04-1958- Memphis, Tenn
Residence; Florence, Ala
Order by; H.C. Deloach-Sheffield, Ala
Father-E.D. Deloach
Mother-Myra Dunn
Service at; Tuscumbia, Ala
Page 91

Dildy, Infant
Date of Funeral- 02-25-1958
Father-R.F .Dildy
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 58

Dillingham, Linda Jane
05-10-1958-Alcorn Co., Miss
02-14-1959-Corinth, Miss
Residence; Walnut, Miss
Father-Gilbert Dillingham
Mother-Jane Eubanks
Services at; Hatchie Chapel
Bethlehem Cemetery
Page 133

Driver, Elmore Douglas
12-21-1874-Alcorn Co., Miss
03-22-1959-Glen, Miss
Son-Earl Driver
Father-David Driver
Mother-Linnie Newman
Johns Cemetery
Page 144

Duncan, James Wilford
12-23-1915-Alcorn Co., Miss
03-14-1958-Corinth, Miss
Metal Worker; Chicago, Ill
Order by; Eunice Duncan
Father-Alford Duncan
Mother-Bell Curtis
Farmington Cemetery
Page 61

Duncan, Robert Oscar
Residence; Downey, California
Entry in Book; 07-11-1959
Shipped To Corinth, Miss
Letter in Book to:
Mrs. S.C. McGraw-Downey, California
No Other Information
Page 170

Dyson, Ila V.
56 years of age
12-15-1954-East Gary, Ind
School Teacher
Order by; Robert H. Dyson-Jackson, Tenn
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 118

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Elam, Jessie E.
01-18-1901-Alcorn Co., Miss
10-19-1960-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Father-Jim Elam
Mother-Bell Coleman
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 271

Elam, Tester Rufus
Died; 11-30-1959-Corinth, Miss
Signed by: Leonard Sagely-Slaughter, Louisiana
Father-George Elam
Mother-Tressie **
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 206

England, James M.
08-23-1958-Tuscaloosa, Ala
Spanish-American War
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 100

Essary, Rebecca Ann (Infant)
08-27-1959-Corinth, Miss
Stillborn; 8:00 p.m.
Father-Ernest Benton Essary
Mother-Maggie Eldredge
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 179

Essary, Infant
Died; 04-07-1959- Corinth, Miss
Union Cemetery
Page 149

Evans, Lula Alice
09-11-1959-Kossuth, Alcorn Co., Miss
Service a; Kossuth Baptist Church
Page 181

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Felt, Sharon Ann
08-26-1959- St. Louis, Mo
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Father-William G. Felt
Mother- (Unknown)
Service at; West Corinth Baptist Church
Salem Cemetery
Page 178

Finch, Lou Verda
12-08-1891- McNairy Co., Tenn
01-21-1958-Tishomingo Co., Miss
Order by; H.G. Finch
Father-N.V Fortune
Mother-Mollie Tennison
Page 49

Fiveash, James Edgar
09-24-1884-Benton Co., Miss
10-14-1957-Walnut, Miss
Order by; Bessie Fiveash
Father-Thomas Fiveash
Mother-Linnie Crum
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 28

Floyd, Claude C.
05-01-1960-Memphis, Tenn
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Order by; Mrs. Mary F. Hooker-Amherst, Ohio
Father-Tucker Floyd
Mother-Georgia Floyd
Danville Cemetery
Page 244

Follin, Clifford Clyde
06-18-1959-Corinth, Miss
Charge to; Kel Follin
Father-J.K. Follin
Mother-Clem Smith
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 162

Forman, Carl W.
04-06-1923- Alcorn Co., Miss
04-28-1958- Memphis, Tenn
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Father-Claude Forman
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 70

Forsyth, Robert Lee Harris
11-11-1892-Selmer, Tenn
01-21-1959-Sheffield, Ala
Charge to; Mrs. .Ella Forsyth
Order by; Mrs. Mildred Bassett
Father-James Forsyth
Mother-Julia Anna Sheppard
City Cemetery
Page 130

Furtick, Mary Maybelle
02-06-1960-Booneville, Miss
Charge to; Mrs. Myrtle McCoy-
Winthrop Harbor, Ill.
Father-Larence Furtick
Mother-Mary Huffman
Booneville Cemetery
Page 224

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Gann, Mary Jane
02-23-1906-Tippah Co., Miss
05-07-1958-Corinth, Miss
Order by; H.H. Gann
Father-A.L .Brook
Mother-Janie Jobe
Corinth Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 73

Garrett, John G.
01-03-1958-Walnut, Miss
Order by; Mrs. Garrett
Father-Joseph Garrett
Mother-Rugena Nelson
Baptist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 46

Garrett, John Thomas
01-24-1960-Walnut, Miss
Father-Charles Garrett
Mother-Sallie Wilbanks
Bethlehem Cemetery
Page 218

Garrett, Samuel Alexander
11-04-1959-WAlnut, Miss
Father-John A. Garrett
Mother-Cornelier Gibbs
Harmony Cemetery
Page 202

Gibens, John Patrick
01-01-1878-Tippah Co., Miss
07-26-1959-Corinth, Miss
Charge to; D.W. Gibens
Father-George W. Gibens
Mother-Mary Day
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 171

Glisson, Martha Jane
02-01-1960-Mark Tree, Ark
Tippah County Shiloh Cemetery
Page 222

Glover, Willard
01-20-1913-Shiloh, Tenn
04-27-1958-Corinth, Miss
Residence; Counce, Tenn
Father-Ed Glover
Mother-Edith Price
Henry Cemetery
Page 69

Gortney, Claude Quitman
04-12-1881-Tishomingo Co., Miss
11-13-1958-Iuka, Miss
Charge to; Ruth Pannell
Father-Jim Gortney
Mother-Elmira Blackshear
Services at; South Cross Roads
Page 111

Gossett, Ruby Ellis
01-23-1896-Tippah Co., Miss
03-25-1958-Chalybeate, Miss
Order by; Anderson Gossett
Father-Allen Wilbanks
Mother-Liza Wilbanks
Services at; Community Pentecostal
Page 63

Gray, Kathy Lynn
08-12-1958-Corinth, Miss
08-17-1958-Corinth, Miss
Father-Ray Gray
Mother-Vedie Feazell
Farmington Church Cemetery
Page 97

Green, Edgar R.
10-02-1959-Rienzi, Miss
Father-James Green
Mother-Elzie Bynum
Hinkle Creek Cemetery
Page 187

Green, John Obid
01-13-1914-Alcorn Co., Miss
04-17-1959-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Father-M.W. Green
Holly Cemetery
Page 152

Gross, Taswell
Date of Entry in Book; 09-16-1960
Residence; Frayser, Tenn
Page 264

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Hale, Millard Morris
01-18-1959-Memphis, Tenn
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Father-George Hale,
Mother-Katheryn McDaniel
Henry Cemetery
Page 129

Hardin, Anita Sue
10-12-1958-Corinth, Miss
10-18-1958-Corinth, Miss
Father-Nelson Hardin
Corinth Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 107

Hardin, Marcus D.
04-22-1885-McNairy Co., Tenn
06-13-1958-Memphis, Tenn
Charge to; Walter Hardin
Fraley’s Chapel Cemetery
Page 78

Harris, John William
07-28-1959-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Addie Harris
Father-Albert Lee Harris
Mother-Lessie Mae Reed
Henry Memorial Garden Cemetery
Page 172

Heavener, Bonnie Pearl
01-13-1960-Corinth, Miss
Charge to; G.B. Heavener
Father-Abe Ralph
Mother-Sallie Brown
Chapman’s Cemetery
Page 214

Heller, Mary
01-29-1884-Alcorn Co., Miss
09-30-1958-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Order by; Mrs. T.A. Inman
Father-Jessie Brock
Mother-Pheba Hamm
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 105

Hensley, Bertha
12-05-1887-Tippah Co., Miss
09-22-1959-Corinth, Miss
Residence; Walnut, Miss
Heart Attack
Charge to; Alavera Marlar-Corinth, Miss
Father-J.T .Ragon
Mother-Hattie Yokum
Camp Ground Cemetery
Page 186

Hensley, Infant
11-24-1957-Corinth, Miss
Order by; B.G. Hensley
Page 36

Hensley, Hiram
Born In Tippah Co., Miss
06-13-1957-Ripley, Miss
Residence; Walnut, Miss
Order by; B.G. Hensley
Father-Sam Hensley
Mother-Mollie Taylor
Walnut Creek Cemetery
Page 10

Herrington, Bruce
12-11-1959-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Charge to; Mrs. Milderd White Herrington
Buried at; McGee, Miss
Page 209

Hilburn, Jim Henry
05-26-1960-Corinth, Miss
Mother-Nell Mason
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 250

Hodum, Jim
12-28-1914-Tippah Co., Miss
06-02-1960-Memphis, Tenn
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Father-Charlie Hodum
Mother-Laura Crum
Services at; Pleasant Hill
Page 252

Hodum, Mary Lou
03-27-1882-Tippah Co., Miss
12-7-1959-Corinth, Miss
Residence; Rienzi, Miss
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 207

Hodum, Walter Alamous
10-20-1901-Tippah Co., Miss
05-06-1959-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Father-Jim Hodum
Mother-Victoria Rogers
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 158

Holder, O.T., Sr
Order by; O.T. Holder, Jr.
Page 153

Holley, Rickey Donnie
08-27-1957-Prentiss Co., Miss
12-23-1957-Memphis, Tenn
Father-W.G. Holley
Tippah County Shiloh Cemetery
Page 40

Howard, James Roy
01-18-1888-Tishomingo Co., Miss
08-19-1960-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Order by; Walter Howard
Father-O.L. Howard
Mother-Emily Cook
Page 258

Huggins, Infant
04-06-1958-Corinth, Miss
Father-J.M. Huggins
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 72

Huggins, John M.
11-08-1914-Tishomingo Co., Miss
10-03-1960-Corinth, Miss
Residence; Burnsville, Miss
Order by; Nora Huggins
Father-Frank Huggins
Mother-Rachel Owens
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 268

Hunt, Mary
02-26-1960-Walnut, Miss
Bethlehem Cemetery
Page 229

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Isbell, Barbara Ann
09-14-1960-Corinth, Miss
Father-Herbert Isbell
Mother-Brenda Borden
No Cemetery Listed
Page 263

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Johnson, John Carroll
12-11-1959-Glen, Miss
Father-Bill Johnson
Mother-Lildo Gray
Lambs Chapel Cemetery
Page 210

Jones, Aubrey R.
02-11-1909-Alcorn Co., Miss
02-29-1960-Memphis, Tenn
Residence; Glen, Miss
Father-Wiley G. Jones
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 230

Jones, Charlie Calvin
01-19-1960-Rienzi, Miss
Charge to; Otis Jones
Father-Steve Jones
Mother-Sarah Timmons
Tippah County Shiloh Cemetery
Page 217

Jones, John David
83 years of age; Born 1876
02-11-1959-Tuscaloosa, Ala
U.S. Veteran
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 134

Jones, Ricky Wayne
07-12-1960-Tippah Co., Miss
07-22-1960-Tippah Co., Miss
Residence; Walnut, Miss
Father-Edwin Earl Jones
Mother-Minnie Mohundro
County Line Cemetery
Page 256

Jourdan, Carlos Albert
06-20-1959-Residence; Burnsville, Miss
Heart Attack
Order by; Rose Jourdan
Father-John Jourdan
Mother-Tenn Hughes
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 163

Julen, Charley S.
8-27-1886-Tishomingo Co., Miss
03-12-1958-Burnsville, Miss
Father-Ben F. Julen
Mother-Betty Hamilton
Services at; Burnsville Baptist Church
Page 60

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Keenan, Mary
03-26-1885-Tishomingo Co., Miss
07-10-1960-Dennis, Miss
Order by; Mrs. Cora Neal
Father-James Neal
Mother-Georgia Goddard
Highland Cemetery
Page 254

Kelly, Josephine
11-02-1959-Corinth, Miss
Father-Tom Davis
Mother-Polly Fields
Farmington Cemetery
Page 200

Kelly, Terry Eugene
08-07-1958-Corinth, Miss
08-11-1958-Corinth, Miss
Father-Howard Kelly
Mother-Jewel Strickland
Farmington Cemetery
Page 95

Kennedy, William Madison
03-26-1878-Alcorn Co., Miss
09-21-1959-Corinth, Miss
Residence; Walnut, Miss
Daughter; Mrs. E.R. Cox- Jonesboro, Ark
Father-Hirum Kennedy
Mother-Amandine Meeks
New Prospect Cemetery
Page 185

Kiddy, Millard Calvin
08-31-1958-Corinth, Miss
Father-Frank Kiddy
Mother-Edith Hall
Henry Cemetery
Page 101

Killough, Ollie Laverna
08-31-1922- Alcorn Co., Miss
01-28-1958-Savannah, Tenn
Order by; Milton Killough
Father-C.W. Burns
Mother-Emmie Morris
Services at; West Corinth Baptist Church
Page 51

King, Billy Joe
08-08-1959-Prentiss Co., Miss
Lived 6 hours
Residence; Glen, Miss
Order by; Mansell King
Father-Leroy King
Mother-Barbara Woods
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 173

King, Darrel
09-12-1954-Prentiss Co., Miss
01-28-1959-Glen, Miss
Father-Leroy King
Mother-Barbara Pate
Name mentioned; Marshall King
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Page 131

Kitchens, Ellis Candler
Died; 03-28-1959-Nashville, Tenn
Residence; Horn wall, Tenn
Order by; Shirley Bass-Gary, Ind.
Father-Bird Kitchens
Mother-Oma Sanders
Harmony Cemetery
Page 145

Kitchens, James Walter (Minister)
11-29-1959-Maben, Miss
Heart Attack
Father-Benjamin W. Kitchens
Mother-Lorene Staggs
New Harmony Cemetery
Page 205

Kuykendall, Tommy
09-12-1957-Tippah Co., Miss
Residence; Rienzi, Miss
Father-W.A. Kuykendall
Union Cemetery
Page 23

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Lamberth, James Nolen
12-16-1885-Tishomingo Co., Miss
04-08-1958-Corinth, Miss
Residence; Burnsville, Miss
Order by; Luther O. Lamberth
Father-Jake Lamberth
Carpenter Cemetery
Page 66

Lambert, Rhoda J.
08-29-1874- Alcorn Co., Miss
07-26-1957-Pocahontas, Tenn
Order by; Mattie Lambert
Father-John Dillingham
Mother-Virginia Coleman
Services at; Essary Springs
Page 15

Lauderdale, Mary Frances
12-17-1958-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Mrs. McDowell-Corinth, Miss
Father-P.G. Green
Mother-Zoley Terry
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 119

Layton, Joseph L.
Age 80-Born 1879-Alcorn Co., Miss
03-18-1959-Sheffield, Ala
Order by; Mrs. Aron Layton
Father-John Layton
Mother-Sarah Pickens
Oakwood Cemetery
Page 142

Lee, Dexter Washington
11-25-1908-Alcorn Co., Miss
03-04-1960-Jackson, Miss
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Father-Oscar Lee
Mother-Bessie Carper
Henry Cemetery
Page 232

Lothenore, Ella
10-31-1958-Gary, Ind
Order by; Herman Newcomb
Holly Cemetery
Page 109

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McCool, Jennie
Charge to; Mildred Barnett
Mother-Martha Bradley
Services at; Foote Street Church of Christ
Page 164

McCullar, Nora
09-10-1960-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Ethel McCullar
Father-Abe Carroll
Mother-Lou Kelling
Indian Creek Cemetery
Page 262

McDaniel’s, James Clarence
07-13-1957-Corinth, Miss
Liddon Lake-Heart Attack
Charge to; Mrs. J.C. McDaniel’s
Salem Cemetery
Page 14

McDuffy, Bill
10-27-1959-Corinth, Miss
WW I Veteran
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 198

McEwen, Virgie Louise
09-2-1957-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Arline McEwen
Father-R.D. McEwen
Mother-Betty Newson
Corinth Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 20

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Martin, Linda Gale
08-08-1959-Corinth, Miss
09-12-1959-Memphis, Tenn
Charge to; E.A. Martin
Father-Roy Martin
Mother-Linda Lovell
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 182

Mathis, Edger Appleton
04-18-1904-Tippah Co., Miss
02-17-1960-Ripley, Miss
Heart Attack
Charge to; Pearl Mathis
Father-Charley Mathis
Mother-Kathryn Robinson
Rogers Chapel Cemetery
Page 227

Mathis, John Thomas
03-20-1891-Alcorn Co., Miss
02-14-1958-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Mrs. Mathis
Father-Bill Mathis
Mother-Mary Derryberry
Methodist Shiloh Cemetery
Page 56

Mathis, Mary Catherine
02-05-1960-Corinth, Miss
Father-Alford Brock
Mother-Sallie (Unknown)
Tippah County Shiloh Cemetery
Page 223

Mathis, Robert Lee
03-25-1960-Ripley, Miss
Tippah County Shiloh Cemetery
Page 236

Mathis, Samuel Terry
04-06-1867-Benton Co., Miss
09-20-1957-Kossuth, Miss
Order by; Melvin Barnett
Father-Jourdan Mathis
Chalybeate Cemetery
Page 25

Mathis, Ulysses Randolph
04-21-1934-McNairy Co., Tenn
04-04-1960-Corinth, Miss
Father-Ulysses T. Mathis
Carter Cemetery
Page 239

Mattox, Paul T,
09-01-1919-Alcorn Co., Miss
08-15-1957-Memphis, Tenn
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Father-G.L. Mattox
Mother-Mary Shelby Flanagan
Farmington Cemetery
Page 19

Mayhall, Iva S.
03-16-1879-Tishomingo Co., Miss
04-08-1959-Belmont, Miss
Son-Kenneth Mayhall
Father-James Epps
Mother-Mary A. Tatum
Belmont Cemetery
Page 150

Meeks, Janie Darline
05-22-1957-Corinth, Miss
Father-Joe Meeks
Mother-Mary Adams
Bethlehem Cemetery
Page 6

Meeks, John Floyd
06-12-1872-Tippah Co., Miss
03-17-1959-Walnut, Miss
Order by; J.B. Meeks
Father-Charley Meeks
Mother-Ellen Rowal
Tippah County Shiloh Cemetery
Page 143

Merryman, Laura Myrtle
11-12-1898-Alcorn Co., Miss
01-05-1958-Corinth, Miss
Father-Ben Hardin
Mother-Ella Voyles
Farmington Cemetery
Page 48

Michael, Birdie
10-20-1959-Booneville, Miss
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Holly Cemetery
Page 194

Miller, Simon D.
10-03-1919-Alcorn Co., Miss
02-16-1960-Gary, Ind
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Accident, Ran Into River
Order by; Mrs. Marie Miller
Father-Russell Miller
Union Cemetery
Page 226

Mitchell, Douglas D.
08-10-1915-Alcorn Co., Miss
04-20-1960-Corinth, Miss
Father-Lee Mitchell
Mother-Sarah Starnes
Shady Grove Cemetery
Page 240

Moore, Lula M.
05-27-1886-Alcorn Co., Miss
04-05-1959-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Order by; Jessie Rogers
Father-Robert Whirley
Mother-Lena Crum
Faulkner Cemetery
Page 147

Morelock, Annie Loraine
11-22-1959-Rienzi, Miss
Order by; J.H. Morelock
Father-Bill Parker
Mother-Pricilla Cooper
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 204

Morris, Kennie W.
02-18-1895-Alcorn Co., Miss
01-27-1958-Corinth, Miss
Son-E.A. Morris-Oak Ridge, Tenn
Charge to; Homer R. Rickman
Order by; Mrs. Nelma (Nelda) J. Rickman
Father-Well Morris
Fairview Cemetery
Page 50

Mullins, Ronnie Lee
Born 1946-Age 11-Alcorn Co., Miss
06-18-1957-Rienzi, Miss
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Hit By Lighting
Father-Charles Mullins
Mother-Eunice Gray
Hopewell Cemetery
Page 11

Mullins, James Stanley
06-16-1895- Alcorn Co., Miss
08-20-1958- Steele, Mo
Charge to; Audrey Crum-Mo.
Order by; Georgia Mullins
Father-John Mullins
Mother-Margaret Solemn
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 98

Murphy, Madison Franklin
04-25-1960-Memphis, Tennessee
WW I Veteran
Residence; Jacksonville, Florida
Salem Cemetery
Page 243

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Nabors, Albert L.
No Birth Information
Lived In Memphis, Tenn
Tippah County Shiloh Cemetery
Page 215

Nelms, Alford Cranford
03-11-1903-Alcorn Co., Miss
07-7-1959-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Father-Cap Nelms
Mother-Donie Rutherford
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 167

Nelms, Cammie Mae
03-25-1959-Corinth, Miss
06-26-1959-Corinth, Miss
Ran Over By Car
Father-James Nelms
Mother-Helm Bahr
Essary Springs Cemetery
Page 165

Nelson, Virgil
06-30-1957-Batsvia, Ill
Father-Eules Nelson
Mother-Zena Wilbanks
Bethlehem Cemetery
Page 13

Newcomb, Betty Jean
10-04-1935-Alcorn Co., Miss
05-12-1959-Corinth, Miss
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery
Paid by; Wiggington, James E. Cummings
And Chester Newcomb
Page 4

Nichols, Charles Leonard 7-25-1907
10-17-1959-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Serial No Navy 967 67 98
Seaman 2nd Class
Enter-04-07-1944-Hot Springs, Ark
Discharged-05-02-1945-Ocean Side, California
Charge to; Beulah Nichols
Antioch Cemetery
Page 193

Nunley, Nora Bell
02-26-1959-Iuka, Miss
Charge to; Oliver P. Nunley
Father-T.A. Vaughn
Oak Grove Cemetery
Page 136

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Orr, Tasso V.
Charge to; Government
Page 103

Owens, Auburn F.
12-12-1904-Prentiss Co., Miss
06-22-1957-Tishomingo Co., Miss
Heart Attack
Father-A.P. Owens
Mother-Mattie Gaber
Tishomingo County Cemetery
Page 12

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Pannell, Infant Girl & Boy
06-15-1958-Corinth, Miss
Father-Leon Pannell-Memphis, Tenn
Holly Cemetery
Page 79

Parson, Syntha
About 80 Years of age
02-15-1958-Iuka, Miss
Order by; Jim Robinson
Father-Finley Carpenter
Mother-Josephine Walker
Services at; Jail Church
Page 57

Patrick, Aron
08-01-1893-Prentiss Co., Miss
11-29-1958-Glen, Miss
WW I Veteran
Order by; Mrs. Oney Henry
Father-Bud Patrick
Mother-Martha Jacobs
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 113

Patrick, Walter Lee
03-25-1960-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Father-T.S. Patrick
Mother-Greeley Feltman
Salem Cemetery
Page 237

Penlon, Frank
69 years of age-Pittsburg Landing, Tenn
05-08-1960-Memphis, Tenn
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Order by; Tom Beaty
Corinth Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 249

Perkins, Sallie Vesta
11-03-1959-Corinth, Miss
Father-Ebb Perkins
Henry Cemetery
Page 201

Peters, Lessie Diane
Entered in Book: 12-19-1958
Father-Robert Lee Peters
Mother-Addean Wroten
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 121

Pitts, Hattie
12-14-1882-Wayne Co., Tenn
04-23-1960-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Father-William Boggus
Mother-Pinie Walker
Clifton Cemetery Clifton, Tenn
Page 241

Potts, Ordie N.
05-20-1895-Alcorn Co., Miss
03-03-1958-Rienzi, Miss
Charge To-Odesa Robinson
Edwin D. Robinson-Iuka, Miss
Farmington Cemetery
Page 65

Price, May H.
01-29-1960-Corinth, Miss
Father-Jim Humphries
Henry Cemetery
Page 221

Pullman, Holmer Marshell
1897: Age 67-Tippah Co., Miss
7-8-1958-Walnut, Miss
Heart Attack
Order by; F.M. Pullman
Father-Charles W. Pullman
Mother-Amanda Rowland
Harmony Cemetery
Page 85

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Rainey, Arnold Leon
46 years of age
10-5-1957-Corinth, Miss
Presbyterian Shiloh Cemetery
Page 27

Rainey, Vance Leon
09-17-1905-Alcorn Co., Miss
03-10-1959-Walnut, Miss
Father-J.M. Rainey
Mother-Lillian McAnally
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 140

Rawls, Johnnie
Five years of age
Date of Entry-03-05-1959
Charge to; Dr. J.R. Rawls
Page 138

Ray, Jennie
05-06-1958-Corinth, Miss
Hit By Train
Order by; Mrs. Marshall Brown
Brigman Hill Cemetery
Page 71

Reddell, Rickey Neal
03-05-1960-Selmer, Tenn
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Father-Kenneth Reddell
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 233

Reeder, Jacob Wesley
01-12-1960-Ramer, Tenn
Heart Attack
Father-Jones Reeder
Mother-Fannie Harmond
Mt. Vernon Cemetery
Page 212

Richardson, Thomas
Died-10-04-1960-Rienzi, Miss
Order by; Pete Richardson
No Cemetery Listed
Page 269

Rinehart, Ruby Juanita
42 years of age
12-06-1959-Gashen, Ind
Husband-J.C Rinehart "Jack"
Mrs. W.T. Inman-Rienzi, Miss
Bill Inman-Rienzi-Rienzi, Miss
Mary Langston-Rienzi, Miss
Mt. Gaston Cemetery
Page 208

Rioux, Henry Hector
Died; 01-14-1960-Tuscaloosa, Ala
WW I; 3/Cl, 183 60 77
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 216

Roberts, Dovie E.
12-13-1957-Burnsville, Miss
Order by; Mrs. J.O. White
Father-Jasper Wilson
Mother-Mollie Lonlow (Lenlow)
Mt. Gilliard Cemetery
Page 38

Rogers, Birdie V.
02-9-1923-Alcorn Co., Miss
12-30-1957-Corinth, Miss
Father-James A .Rogers
Mother-Minnie Marie Austin
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 42

Rose, Minnie J.
08-06-1906-Tippah Co., Miss
08-15-1959-Corinth, Miss
Husband-W.T. Rose
Flat Rock Cemetery
Blue Mt. Miss
Page 176

Roten, Mary C.
03-22-1882-Alcorn Co., Miss
12-14-1958-Pocohontas, Tenn
Burned To Death
Order by; Mrs. Clearance Roten
Father-Pete Crum
Mother-Donie Moore
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 115

Russell, Furn F.
11-10-1958-Corinth, Miss
Charge To-H.L. Russell-Cicero, Ill
Mother-Ida Belue
Mormon Cemetery
Booneville, Miss
Page 110

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Samples, Margaret Paralee
03-04-1959-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Porter Samples
Charge To-Ms Addie Samples
Father-Tommy Pharr
New Bethel Cemetery
Near Belmont, Miss
Page 137

Sanders, Robert L.
01-15-1879-Alcorn Co., Miss
03-09-1960-Corinth, Miss
Father-Robert L. Sanders Sr.
Farmington Cemetery
Page 234

Settlemires, Maggie
01-25-1901-Alcorn Co., Miss
01-25-1960-Walnut, Miss
Heart Attack
Father-Frank Follin
Mother-Annie Brown
Bethlehem Cemetery
Page 219

Sexton, Frank
05-13-1883-Tippah Co., Miss
10-29-1957-Memphis, Tenn
Residence; Tiplersville, Miss
Father-C.M. Sexton
Mother-Mary Pittner
Tiplersville Cemetery
Page 33

Shackleford, John Arnold
12-26-1958-Burnsville, Miss
Order by; Mrs. Velva Weathers
Paid By-V.L. Adams
Father-Carroll Shackleford
Little Flock Cemetery
Page 124

Skelton, Georgia
Died; 4-21-1960-Nampa, Idaho
WW II Veteran
Skelton Cemetery
Page 242

Smith, Bertha L.
02-06-1960-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Charge To-Newton South
Father-Whit Rickett
Mother-Mary Rogers
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 225

Smith, Earlie William
03-09-1960-Corinth, Miss
Father-Franklin S. Smith
Mother-Ophelia Lambert
Forrest Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 235

Smith, Ellen
01-24-1880-Prentiss Co., Miss
06-11-1957-Kossuth, Miss
Order by; David Smith
Father-Dave Marlar
Services at; Jumpertown Methodist Church
Page 09

Smith, William Thomas
09-14-1880-Alcorn Co., Miss
04-02-1960-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Father-Taylor Smith
Mother-Mary Steen
Oak Hill Cemetery
Page 238

Smith, Jerry W.
02-07-1951-Alcorn Co., Miss
12-26-1958-Rienzi, Miss
Tractor Turned Over
Order by; Newton Smith
Father-James Roy Smith
Mother-Cora V. Dillingham
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 125

Spencer, Joseph Daniel
09-23-1930- Miss
05-6-1959-Memphis, Tenn
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Order by; Lester Spencer
Father-Renis Spencer
Mother-Janie Maricle
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 159

Spencer, Ruthie Dee
04-9-1958-Elbim, Ill
Charge To-Carl Spencer
Father-Bruce Crum
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 67

Stacey, Margaret Irene
07-15-1897-Prentiss Co., Miss
10-26-1959-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
James Nobles-Mishawaka, Ind
Elmer Stacy-Naperville, Ill
Herman Stacy-Niles Michigan
Relationship Unknown
Father-J.W. Free
Mother-Idella Haver
Sardis Cemetery
Page 197

Starnes, Martha Jane
09-09-1959-Ripley, Miss
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Husband-Dailey Starnes
Charge To-Robert Ayers-New Albany, Miss
Father-Tom Waldrep
Pleasant Ridge Cemetery/Pleasant Hill
Page 180

Stewart, William Luther
08-25-1877-Alcorn Co., Miss
12-30-1957-Kossuth, Miss
Order by; Morris Talley
Father-John Stewart
Mother-Frances Jeanes
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 37

Strickland, Albert W.
08-11-1897-Prentiss Co., Miss
10-31-1960-Corinth, Miss
Father-Howard Strickland
Farmington Cemetery
Page 273

Strickland, Audie
05-28-1938-Prentiss Co., Miss
07-3-1959-Murphreesbora, Tenn
U.S. Veteran
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Hit Buy Car in England
Father-A.W. Strickland
Mother-Ellie Newell
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 166

Strickland, Ella "Lillie"
06-18-1959-Booneville, Miss
Residence; Rienzi, Miss
Husband-Jim Strickland
Union Cemetery
Page 161

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Talley, Infant Son
07-11-1958-Corinth, Miss
Father-Carroll Talley
Services at; Presbyterian Shiloh
Page 86

Talley, Samuel Andrew
07-28-1863-Knox Co., Tenn
05-02-1959-Kossuth, Miss
Father-Richard Talley
Lone Oak Cemetery
Page 156

Tate, Ione
03-01-1916-Tippah Co., Miss
03-01-1960-Brother`S Home
Residence; Joyner, Ark
Father-Harmon Hensley
Mother-Winnie McCoy
Tippah County Shiloh Cemetery
Page 231

Taylor, William Emmett
10-11-1889-Alcorn Co., Miss
06-16-1958-Corinth, Miss
Heart Attack
Father-Will Taylor
Mother-Martha Hawkins
Old Danville Cemetery
Page 80

Theriot, Phillip Joseph
07-20-1958-Corinth, Miss
Found Dead In Bed
Order by; Mrs.0Margaret Theriot
Corinth Memorial Park Cemetery
Page 99

Thrasher, Honnell Leroy
05-01-1943-Alcorn Co., Miss
11-12-1960-Alcorn Co., Miss
Residence; Tiplersville, Miss
Father-Charlie Thrasher
Mother-Ruthie Mullins
Tippah County Shiloh Cemetery
Page 275

Thrasher, John J.
07-13-1873-Tippah Co., Miss
12-18-1958-Corinth, Miss
Order by: Mrs. Nora Green
Wheeler Grove Cemetery
Page 120

Thrasher, William Thomas
12-14-1958-Ripley, Miss
Son-Chester Thrasher-Ripley, Miss
Father-John Thrasher
Ebenezer Cemetery
Page 116

Trebily, Lt. Col. Charles E.
73 years of age
Residence; Tuscaloosa, Ala
Corinth National Cemetery
Page 255

Trollinger, Infant
08-05-1958-Corinth, Miss
Lived 2 hours
Residence; Rienzi, Miss
Father-Marlin Trollinger
Mother-Mattie Faye Nash
Sardis Cemetery
Page 92

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Vaughn, Miriam E.
02-22-1910-Alcorn Co., Miss
05-30-1960-Rienzi, Miss
Order by; Hubert Vaughn
Father-Henry Senory
Mother-Sallie Rowsey
Antioch Cemetery
Page 251

Vinson, Lula
12-27-1957-Memphis, Tenn
Residence; Enville, Tenn
Order by; N.A. Vinson
County Line Cemetery
Page 41

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Walden, Joe
08-03-1893-Tippah Co., Miss
09-02-1960-Memphis, Tenn
Residence; Walnut, Miss
WW I Veteran
Father-William Walden
Mother-Nan Hopper
Tippah County Shiloh Cemetery
Page 261

Waldon, John P.
12-02-1880-Tippah Co., Miss
09-16-1960-Corinth, Miss
Father-Isaac Waldon
Mother-Laura Garrett
Services at; Tishomingo Chapel
Waldon Cemetery
Page 265

Walker, Infant
10-17-1957-Corinth, Miss
Stillborn- 4:15 p.m.
Residence; Burnsville, Miss
Father-Taft Walker
Mother-Gracie Carpenter
Carpenter Cemetery (White Coffin)
Page 31

Walker, Infant
1-8-1959-Corinth, Miss 12:30am
Residence; Burnsville, Miss
Father-Taft Walker
Mother-Gracie Bell Carpenter
Carpenter Cemetery
(Blue Coffin)
Page 126

Wallin, Don Alad Reese
Age 22, No Birth Information
01-11-1960-Gary, Ind
U.S. Air Force Veteran
Accident, Killed at Work In Ind.
Father-Reese Wallin
Farmington Cemetery
Page 213

Webb, James Cleston
65 years of age-Ala
03-10-1958-McGee, Miss
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Order by; Mrs. Webb
Clear Creek Cemetery
Page 59

Wheatley, David Elmer
01-08-1893-Alcorn Co., Miss
04-03-1959-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Clifford Wheatley
Father-Joe Wheatley
Mother-Mattie Moss
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 146

Whirley, Infant Son
07-10-1959-Corinth, Miss
Lived 10 minutes
Father-Lamar C. Whirley
Mother-Charlotte Ann Pierce
Residence; Glen, Miss
Liberty Hill Cemetery
Page 169

Whitaker, Mary Cordelia
05-02-1960-Corinth, Miss
Order by; O.B. Whitaker
Father-Sam Davis
Mother-Mary Hollins
Farmington Cemetery
Page 246

White, Roy
41 years of age-Tishomingo Co., Miss
01-02-1958-Franklin, Ind
Mother- Mrs. Maudie White
Residence; Burnsville, Miss
Little Flock Cemetery
Page 47

White, Trudy
10-13-1959-Memphis, Tenn
Residence; Corinth, Miss
Mouth Cancer
Order by; W.M. White
Father-Will Trimmer
Mother-Eliza Sony Yale
Holly Cemetery
Page 189

White, William Cecil *Air Force*
03-17-1921-Alcorn Co., Miss
02-09-1958-Tampa, FL
Order by; Mrs. Mable White
Father-Will White
Services at; Strickland Church of Christ
Page 54

Wilbanks, Louise
11-20-1925-Alcorn Co., Miss
03-29-1958-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Virgil C.W Wilbanks
Father-C.C. Shields
Mother-Hattie Ayers
Pleasant Hill Cemetery
Page 64

Wilbanks, Margaret Jane
10-13-1959-Walnut, Miss
Order by; Grady Wilbanks
Father-Tom Bolas
Mother-Liza Jane Crum
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Page 190

Wilbanks, Margie M.
Residence; Walnut, Miss
Son-Emmett Wilbanks
Brush Creek Cemetery
Page 168

Wilbanks, Oscar
10-21-1884-Tippah Co., Miss
04-15-1958-Tippah Co., Miss
Order by; Hugh A. Wilbanks
Father-Jerry Wilbanks
Mother-Sallie Wilbanks
County Line Cemetery
Page 96

Wilbanks, Tommy
01-09-1960-Alcorn Co., Miss
06-25-1960-Corinth, Miss
Residence; Pocahontas, Tenn
Father-C.R. Wilbanks
Mother-Eva Pittman
Tuscumbia Cemetery
Page 253

Wilbanks, Vance E.
09-06-1957-Clia, Michigan
Order by; Kay Wilbanks
Shipped to Corinth, Miss
Page 22

Wilburn, Sharon Gail
06-03-1956-Alcorn Co., Miss
04-6-1959-Memphis, Tenn,
Father-Frank Wilburn
Services at; Tate St. Baptist Church
Corinth, Miss
Page 148

Willingham, Cora Lee
51 years of age; Born 1906
08-06-1957-Corinth, Miss
Residence; Walnut, Miss
Order by; Lettie Jones
Mother-Minnie McKelvey
Mrs. .Odell Jones-Walnut, Miss
Page 18

Wilson, Daisy Harris
10-14-1959-Walnut, Miss
Father-Henry H. Harris-Miss
Mother-Corrina Berry-Miss
Rose Hill Cemetery
Houlka, Chickasaw Co., Miss
Page 191

Woodruff, Willis Cass
12-23-1885-Tippah Co., Miss
02-13-1959-Corinth, Miss
Order by; Ottis Woodruff
Father-Hal Woodruff
Mother-Maggie Woodruff
Box Chapel Cemetery
Page 132

Wooley, Henry
07-08-1870-Murry Co., Tenn
08-03-1958-Tippah Co., Miss
Residence; Tiplersville, Miss
Order by; W.A. Yates
Father-Winchester Wooley
Lebanon Cemetery
Page 90

Wren, Myrna Sue
43 years of age; born 1917-Tenn
08-29-1960-Peroia, Ill
Cancer-Heart Failure
Order by; Bruce Wren-Memphis, Tenn
Services at; Asbury Methodist Church-Ripley, Tenn
Sent to; Graves Funeral Home-Ripley, Tenn
Page 260

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